What's on this page? Do I really have to scroll? Pff. Yes. Please. But if you really and truly can't do it, here's the short version of what's below:


1. a tiny book, 2. up-coming books, 3. tee shirts and 4. Let's, a picture book thing. 



1. Tiny Book of Tiny Monsters


A tiny book of tiny monsters. 20 of them.


For $6


currently not for sale



Other art pieces added to the store on request. 




2. Picture Books:



Me First

Grounded (a story about Phil the Fairy)






3. Boodababy T-Shirts







I made these awhile ago and although I didn't exactly forget, neither did I remember them. Oh please. Tell me you know how THAT works. But I posted a little picture on the internet and people, being people, said: Yes! And I thought: well, ok. Yes is a pretty fun thing.


So. This is what's available. Tiny tees and onesies (and some a little bigger, too). From itsy bitsy to 3 years old and in big people sizes? Small to Large. (But these are American Apparel t-shirts, so they run small. So, I'll try that again. In big people sizes? Smaller to a Little Less than Large.


$16 for little ones.

$20 for big ones.

Plus shipping. 


4. Let's: a Merry Monsters kids' book fit for grownups



LET'S (published in November 2015)



Written and illustrated by Cris Hamilton (me), Let's is a playful story about Margaret, monsters, Edward Mopp and forgiveness. Kind of in that order. The story's about, oh, 32 pages? Maybe 34? There are front pages that a person's supposed to have - you know, with titles and copyright and a dedication.  At the very end, there are a few pages of monsters to color and make all your own. 



LET'S - a kids' book that's fit for grownups

40 pages,  8.5 x 8.5" paperback                    $9.95 


You can buy it right here!   

A Kindle version's available, too                  $2.99



The word count of the story (I can't even believe I'm telling you this, but someone maybe and possibly wants to know) is 419. That's right. That's all. 419 words.


There's a little letter in the beginning and a little letter at the end because I like to write letters and that's about the only excuse I need.*


It's not a premium, hard cover book (not yet!), but it's a nice, medium-quality paper back.


It's also available on Kindle for $2.99.










*Apparently, as much as I like to write letters, I'm perfectly capable of losing one of them in the process. A single letter, I mean. It was there in my first proof and after I made adjustments to the pictures - poof! - it was gone. 

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